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Elda Noriega (1979) has a degree in Political Science (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), followed by a Master’s Degree in International Relations. With a wide experience in the field of Cooperation and Development, and after almost nine years working for non-profit organizations, in 2011 she decided to leave everything behind to focus on her designing and sewing skills, and started her own business. 

In 2012, she launches her own made-to-measure brand, which she combines with costume designing for theatre productions. Her works for individual clients go from bespoke ready-to-wear to bridal and demi-couture. In 2012 she also becomes a co-founder of Killing Couture, where she worked until 2016.

In 2014 she moves to Philadelphia (US), where she mainly works on demand at her studio in Old City.

Her creation’s delicacy and versatility have brought her to work for different production companies, developing the whole wardrobe for titles like La Cocina, Lehman Trilogy or ¿Quién es el Sr. Schmitt?.

Also she’s been leading the sewing department for productions like Nekrassov or Elogio de la Pereza, as well as designing and producing exclusive costumes for specific roles in international tv shows like Snowfall.

She’s shown her work in venues like Centro Dramático Nacional, Teatros del Canal, Naves del Español and Teatro de la Abadía, among others.

She’s an active member of the AAPEE (Asociación de Artistas Plásticos y Escénicos de España)  since 2017.

  • 2013
    Wardrobe Design and manufacturing for Continuidad de los Parques” (Matadero, Naves del Español)
  • 2015
    Lucha libre suit design and manufacturing for Gustavo Zapata “Oso” in “Snowfall”, FX Networks/HBO España.
  • 2016
    Wardrobe Design and manufacturing for “La Cocina” (Teatro Valle-Inclán, CDN)
  • 2018
    – Wardrobe Design and manufacturing for “Lehman Trilogy” (Teatros del Canal)
    – Wardrobe Design and manufacturing for “Quién es el Sr. Schmitt” (Teatro Español)
    – Assistant to costume designer and head of sewing department /manufacturing  for “Elogio de la Pereza” (CDN)
  • 2019
    – head of sewing department/manufacturing for “Nekrassov” (Teatro de la Abadía)
    – Wardrobe Design and manufacturing for “ “El Fuego Amigo” (Teatro del Barrio)
    – Wardrobe Co-Design with Curt Allen Wilmer for “El Dúo de la Africana” (Teatro Campoamor)
    – Wardrobe Design for “Robos” (Teatro del Barrio)
  • 2020
    – Wardrobe Design and manufacturing for «Castelvines y Monteses» (Teatro Clásico) – Max Award for Costume Design Candidate, 2022
    – Wardrobe Design for «Una Noche Sin Luna» (Teatro Español)
  • 2022
    – Wardrobe Design and manufacturing for «Ladies Football Club» (Teatros del Canal, May 2022)
    – Wardrobe Design and manufacturing for «Los Santos Inocentes» (Teatro Calderón Valladolid, April 2022)



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